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What Stresses You Out

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What Stresses You

Conflict exists all around us. Within all our lives conflict can be quite stressful. This stress can be physical or emotional strain and can build up over time or inundate us all at once.

Stress can be a performance enhancer or act as a performance killer. This demands we keep stress at a manageable level. Our physical and mental performance will react to stress in a good way when stress is manageable.

Positive Stressors

Some Examples:

* Setting and meeting small goals to make a deadline
* Taking a test
* Making difficult decisions with accurate information
* Completing a task while being evaluated

Negative Stressors

* Doing more with less
* Dissatisfied with work environment
* Poor financial state due to suffering economy
* Marital issues or death in the family

Coping Strategies

1. Perform a self-evaluation and determine if you have coping strategies to manage stress. Physical coping strategies can be a vacation or daily exercise.
2. Communication with your significant other / family or in the work force. This is one of the most important coping strategies. Communication can put things into perspective and reduce conflict.
3. Prioritize life’s issues. This puts things into perspective, can reduce anxiety and address potential problems at an early stage.

Regardless of how you decide to deal with stress it must first be recognized. Try to use positive stress as a motivator and recognize negative stress before it becomes out of control. If you feel life’s events out of control, help is available to address your unique and important needs.

Help is Available

Author: Curtis Haake D.C.

Hi I'm Dr. Haake and I help people live happy, healthy, and pain-free through modern chiropractic medicine and active health coaching. As your walnut creek chiropractor I employ a health-team approach to your health crisis. As your health-team member we get you back on your feet as quickly as possible; addressing diet, nutrition and exercise.

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