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How Long Does It Take

How Long Does It Take


Mild to moderate osteoarthritis pain and limitation is a common condition we treat in our office.  This kind of health crisis can affect any joint in the body, hips, knees, low back, neck, shoulders, feet, hands.  Best results can be experienced in 2 to 5 weeks.  Multiple areas in the body or more advanced osteoarthritis can take longer.  Our approach includes specific rehabilitation exercises in conjunction with chiropractic adjustments.  Research shows this to be the most effective in realizing relief in the shortest time possible with less re-aggravation.

Postural Repetitive Strain

This kind of injury starts out as daily tension, sitting wrong, too long, not moving for long periods whether you sit or stand most of the day.  Over time muscular strain advances to joint restriction / Subluxation and ligament sprain and congestion, lack of oxygen and circulation.  Over just 5-7 years this can lead to early arthritis.   Treatment plans respond quickly when combined with our recommended home exercises’.  Most people respond in 2 to 5 weeks and feel lasting improvements when continuing our postural exercises weekly, through our Wellness Website and our Blog.


Injuries in general involve more soft tissue injury with inflammation.  This can include car accidents, slips and falls, over use in the gym, sprains / strains.   The chiropractic adjustments are lighter in the earlier phase of care, sometimes therapy in our clinic is used to decrease inflammation, such as a Class II cold laser, Ultrasound, Trigger point therapy, Vibrational massage, electrical therapies  (Tens or EMS) current.  Combined with home exercise therapy treatment can take between 4-10 weeks.  The body has a natural rate at which it heals under ideal conditions.  Our treatment plan will take this into account and decrease pain, increase joint mobility, improve your functional capabilities as quickly as possible.


These health conditions include spinal disc bulges, disc herniation, spinal stenosis.  Usually people with this  condition also experience arthritis symptoms at the same time.  Due to possible tissue atrophy, chronic inflammation some of our patients are also being co-treated by their primary care doctors.  This treatment plan could include Class II cold laser therapy, flexion traction therapy, and specific daily exercises and may include re-gaining strength in the legs or arms.  Sciatica can be included in this health condition.  These are more complex and require longer treatment plans.  About 80% of the people respond very well 6 to 20 weeks.   Some may require longer care, depending on the  health circumstances unique to those people.

As you can see a neck or low back problem, knee, shoulder, hip or even headaches can be as simple as postural strain or more serious such as a neurologic condition.   What ever your health crisis, Total Health Chiropractic Center will design a treatment plan to get you out of pain, improve mobility and improve functional capabilities as quickly and give you the tools to experience fewer flare-ups.

“We’ll Keep You Healthy”

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