Total Health Chiropractic Center

"Well Keep You Healthy"


   “We’ll Keep You Healthy”   925-930-7902                                       



If you suffer from neck pain, back pain, sciatica, headaches, or just looking for relief from your health crisis, or looking for a Chiropractor in Walnut Creek, you have found Your Walnut Creek Chiropractor.

Hi, I’m Dr. Curtis Haake at Total Health Chiropractic Center.  Our patient centered care is focused on your individual health needs, to decrease pain, improved mobility and functional capabilities.  So you can live healthy – be healthy!

Let us be part of “your health team”!  Look for my special offer and schedule an appointment today.

Total Health chiropractic Center    3011 Citrus Circle, Ste 102    Walnut Creek, CA 94598


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