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Re-Think Aging

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j0309148The top three diseases that effect the elderly population are arthritis, cancer and cardiovascular disease (Blood Pressure, heart disease, and stroke).  These diseases are currently treated; once developed with prescription medications.

Did you know that these prescription drugs are used to only manage the symptoms of a disease and they do not restore normal function nor can they maintain health.  Once you develop one of the top three diseases prescription medication is used to maintain a better quality of life, but realize you can still be proactive and manage a disease at the same time.

Whether you are approaching your golden years or  any age in between 20 to 80; life style issues are the same.


Stay Active-Stay Strong: Age or being young and sedentary can rob your physical strength, decrease muscle mass / bone mass, slow digestion and lower immunity.  The Solution: is regular exercise, a sound and nutrient packed diet, nutritional supplements for mineral and bone support.  If exercise is a problem try classes, community swimming, or home recumbent equipment.  Seek initial supervision / examination and planning through a Health-Coach to get started.

Regular Examinations: If you are already in your golden years or in your 20’s you should have annual examinations / physicals / or selected examinations for known health risksThe Solution: Keep your annual physical biometrics such as blood pressure, blood sugar, body weight, cholesterol, triglycerides, vitamin D values To track any changes so early intervention can be implemented or other testing can be performed.

Set  Health Goals: Health goals keep you on track to better quality of life and motivate you to stay healthy.  They are usually challenging but attainable or realistic.  Once reached reward yourself for a healthy job well done!  The Solution: In your golden years try staying in touch with friends and family, involve your life with social events and hobbies.  In your twenties try being more active aerobically and lower daily stress with better coping strategies.

Realize 80 percent of disease is preventable and the younger you start the better off you will be.  In your golden years realize that medication alone will not cure a disease and being proactive goes along way in really managing a disease or health condition.

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Author: Curtis Haake D.C.

Hi I'm Dr. Haake and I help people live happy, healthy, and pain-free through modern chiropractic medicine and active health coaching. As your walnut creek chiropractor I employ a health-team approach to your health crisis. As your health-team member we get you back on your feet as quickly as possible; addressing diet, nutrition and exercise.

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  1. A few lifestyle changes can improve our nation’s health and save our country a lot of money: Eat less food. Eat healthier food. Exercise. Don’t smoke. Get adjusted by your chiropractor. These simple lifestyle choices all have a positive long-term impact on your health and would drastically reduce the cost of nation’s health-care.

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