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Chiro-Life a Fantastic Health Program

Taping up to health

Taping up to health

Their is an estimated 34 billion dollars spent each year on health and wellness outside of mainstream medicine.  This does not even include all programs such as on-line gadgets and beauty products.  Some of these products and services have merits and are legitamate, in that these progrmas offer a health benefit  that outweighs an added negative health risk.

Before embarking on a health and wellness journey to better health, a person needs to match a product or service to current health status and more importantly your potential health risks.  This is a novel approach to improving your current and future health and offers a preventative approach to all health decisions.

The Chiro-Life program is just such a program.  It offers a health risk profile to see what a persons’ true health risks are and then options to minimize them, leading to a “health through prevention” model.  The Chiro-Life program has health coaching at its core with a web suite and monthly web seminars on key health topics to guide a person to achieve     amazing results in many aspects of health.

Lets say a person wants to lose weight and has tried dieting before with mixed results.  The Chiro-Life program can coach a person and fine tune diet and exercise recommendations unique to that person’s needs, and in real time.  The program offers tried and true methods to help manage diabetes, and other health conditions and encourages preventative exams and other medical intervention where applicable.  Lets face it, even in this information age a little guidance can go a long way. Continue reading

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In Pain? How We Can Help!

Our Chiropractic Philosophy to your health crisis is designed to keep the joints in your body mobile, your muscles stronger and more flexible, and  return control of your health back to you…”it’s that simple”. 

Well for starters we address the cause of your health crisis, the spinal joint and it’s related nerve.  First and foremost we adjust the spinal joint to increase it’s mobility.  A mobile joint is healthy and does not irritate its related nerve.         
This allows the ligaments-muscles to move freely and become more flexible, stronger, and less atrophy of the related joint, nerve, ligament, and muscle.  You will experience less inflammation, spasm and pain, and feel more movement feel increased energy and vitality.  
It’s as simple as that”   
We have helped hundreds of people with diverse health conditions. From athletes trying to improve their game and even helped people avoid costly surgery.  All by adjusting the spinal joint and it’s related nerve. 
So, not sure yet?  well give us a call and find out if we can Help You!